{A New Baby and One Of Our Favorite Little Girls}

These are long overdue for posting, but never the less, I like them quite a bit and am proud to share them. I rarely do baby/newborn photography, and must admit that when I see most photographs of this time, I’m left quite cold. Though we don’t remember it, this is such a special, magical time in life. It seems then that photographs, one of the only ways to—go back there, should somehow capture a bit of this magic. Maybe photographers lose sight of this a bit. I’m not sure, but I do know that going into someone’s home witnessing snack time, and waking up from naps, and snuggling mom; those things do seem to be where that magic lies. Here are some photographs. -Micah.


















{Bloomington-Normal Church Wedding}

A good metric for a evaluating the success of a wedding is the amount of smiling and laughing that comes across in the photos. It’s always my goal capture just the moment when that happiness bubbles to the surface, and I just love some of the moments I’ve captured here. I hope you enjoy this wedding, shot in an absolutely gorgeous church in Normal, IL. Oh, and how awesome is the top hat! -Micah.

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{Illinois Country Engagement}

In the first of a few posts I’ll be sharing today, I want to show off these gorgeous photos taken around our farm and in rural Farmer City. We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place on rich land with history and feeling. Our couple for this session lives nearby, so I felt the country landscape we shared was a great setting to shoot some portraits. -Micah.

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{Emily and Parker} Laramie, WY.

In what may be my quickest turnaround of a session ever, I’d like to share some photos I shot of Emily and Parker this evening in and around Laramie, WY. These two are getting married in just two days! Saturday I’ll be shooting their wedding and I couldn’t be more excited. Emily is my wife’s cousin and we’ve always just adored her, so we were so pleased when she asked us to shoot her wedding, and we were thrilled to find out the event would take place in gorgeous Wyoming.

The photos we took tonight are just gorgeous and Emily and Parker couldn’t be any more adorable as a couple. We had such a fantastic time taking the photos. The rustic photos that end this set turned out just as I’d hoped they would. It’s always difficult to capture the beauty of nature on film, in a way that accurately expresses the majesty of creation as experienced in real life; but I think I got pretty close here. -Micah.










































{RaeAnne and Matthew} Engagement.

I met up with RaeAnne and Matthew outside the venue where they will be getting married in Edwardsville. It’s a beautiful old theater and I can’t wait for the wedding. After exploring downtown we ended up at the spot were they got engaged. The photos turned out so beautiful. I’m happy to share them with you today. -Micah.

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{Bran-dea and Brendan} Winter Lodge Wedding.

So many amazing moments, and such a beautiful location. Bran-dea and Brendan’s wedding day was just so perfect. The silhouette of Bran-dea looking out on the winter landscape, just before saying her vows is an image I’ll always treasure. It was a frigid, snowy day outside, but the beautiful rustic lodge, and the company of friends and family provided warmth and refuge for a beautiful wedding ceremony. -Micah.

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