Night In Greenwich Village.

Recently we had the privilege of visiting New York City, mixing a little business and pleasure in the process. We’ve always been huge Bob Dylan fans, so Greenwich Village holds a special spot in our heart. Walking around the Village at night was one of our favorite parts of our visit. There is something about the neighborhood, the history, and bohemian romance of the place that stirs the heart.


The Village has a way of feeling small, even amongst the buzz and bustle of the city. The whir of cars speeding and blur of lights remind you that you are in Manhattan, but the soft light escaping from the coffeehouse windows grounds you to the concrete below your feet.


One of my favorite shots from my trip is a simple photo of the subway entrance that takes you down under the street and onto the redline. The subway is kind of magic. Every time you emerge from underground in a new neighborhood you are reborn, with fresh opportunities to explore.


Here’s to the subway, the taxis, the sound of the streets.
Here’s to cups of coffee in little diners, and train stations, and bridges.
Here’s to everything we have left to accomplish.
Here’s to New York City.


Caitlin and Micah McCoy